Psychology, a poem


The nature of the world
the way it wanders
vexed in sin
is like a serpent
in its den

The cold and injured people
with their fantasies of power
strike back reacting
to every slight
a hundred thousand year war
of toppling dominos
called psychology

There is some myth that in ancient Atlantis
everything was in balance
but one man threw a stone of anger
into the pool of social grace
sending spiteful ripples upon ripples
and all of our world of war
is merely the echo of that attack

How can we rise above?
I suppose someone has to risk death
to reach out and sacrifice
a suicidal crucifixion of the heart
and all its pain
we spread our arms
expecting rain

the only true peace is immaterial
meaning that to have it
you have to let the matter go
Nirvana, the Hindu heavenly state
when translated into English
means “blowing out”
and like the solace of a sigh
when we drop our weapons
we find the highest high


Alchemy, A Poem

Alchemy, A Poem

You’ve gotta find a thing to serve
cause life takes guts and a little verve
in serving something, you’ll brave the worst
and the gods will send a hopeful curse
to lift you while you’re meekly sitting
knowing all around is crumbling
while swirling feasts of grace start singing
“You’re the fire, life’s the kindling
burn from right within your heart
so that your smile is the highest art”

America the free

America the free
America the free
let’s be honest
how much frowning can you do
at your job
before you become
We were sold on the great machine!
the industrial, the mighty, the give me more dream!
but now we realize what the price was
had to sell your wildness to the doorman
got a lousy hand-stamp and a cheap mug
Am I old enough to drink this?
But people do not talk
about the cruel realities of now
they’d rather go on yelling
at least I’m not that other guy!
He’s brown and weird and probably high
this will all blow over in season 2
America the free
let’s be honest
we’ve got 64 billion metaphors
and rephrasings of
we can’t talk to each other
too old too young
too northern too southern
it’s the hungry something
pacing and cussing
tearing all our holies from us
leaving nothing but our lustings
America the free
you get what you pay for

how you go

how you go

Sometimes when you’re going, striving
reaching for that just too long flower
there are voices in your head
that whisper different possible deaths
to what you’ve started
how you go
the feeling of this life’s long show

And so you go on knowing
that you’ve already fallen down
but failure is just imprecision
it’s the getting up that knows

When you see it in your heart
where only laughing jeerers taunt
you spread your arms in wise acceptance
and sit to sip of the godly font

Can I hear the revolution? shun shun shun

Can I hear the revolution? shun shun shun

Can I hear the revolution? shun shun shun

Life is good,
it’s all that ya heard
from the minute I got up to the moment I go down
it’s the same sound
the holy ghost’s Twitter Post was the message in my vessel saying
love all the folks that you come round.
Cause we don’t need fear in the new town
It’s the right sound
Let the fire in your eyes expire the sighs of the downtrodden, pushed around, all over cries
we need a revolution
start it with evolution
say to your friend or to your foe it’s OK, let’s go
we’re walking in a winter wonder
what the fuck is going on?
but it’s the same repeating song
It’s the oldest in the book
and the latest refrain
It’s the EL OH VEE EE party patrol
it’s the heart that won’t stop heating your soul
it’s the fire from the higher kept wisdom and gold
that love that God dropped off in your heart
call it what you want, it don’t matter the word
it’s the radiation
from contemplation
sit meditating
with a smile to fuel the new Earth’s creation
so let’s sing

Life is good so let’s make some new
Life is good so let’s make some new
Life is good so let’s make some new

When I came out

When I came out

When I came out, I looked a normal boy
so just on cue, a most shrewd nurse,
with moves so perfectly rehearsed
leaned to grab a just washed sheet

It was the blue one for the men
cause chromosomes don’t ever lie
And boys are such congratulations
from the man, the patriarchal sky

But noticing not, the ticking bomb
the metronome of truth inside
they gave me my first macho stamp
and sang my manly praises as I left

And then a score and a half elapsed
and in my inner eye I heard a little tap
some girl I knew was winking back
in my ethereal mirror as I gasped

So terror gripped my Adam frame
What message has this Eve relayed?
What freak am I? Has God gone daft?
This gender gander broke my perfect life

But now I know what purpose there
that girl within was sending out
For fate has shown what specimen I am
Through all this hazy stumbling change

Along my path I met an old forgotten sage
This dragon man or maybe woman said
know the male but live in the feminine
become a flowing waterfall to a parched and arid world

The Sword

There are days when I wake up
And oh the atmosphere of civil man
is like an angry stone upon my singing heart
How strange am I that fired with boldness
I went where all the others feared
And finding there a sword
I raised it up like any other silly sunrise
but the people looking shocked did screaming say
“No! Put back that sword! You know what hell is coming now!”
And oddly enough I’ve been to hell
And hell is merely man
The devil did not like my smile
I sang to him; he said “move on…”
So no, I cannot re-sheath the sword
It’s soldered in my hand
and if this makes me dangerous
there in my other hand’s a staff
to steady my worn gait
walking on I’ll bring my peace
to what next stop attends my fate

with joy, with peace, with love, with exuberance
I go