Alchemy, A Poem

Alchemy, A Poem

You’ve gotta find a thing to serve
cause life takes guts and a little verve
in serving something, you’ll brave the worst
and the gods will send a hopeful curse
to lift you while you’re meekly sitting
knowing all around is crumbling
while swirling feasts of grace start singing
“You’re the fire, life’s the kindling
burn from right within your heart
so that your smile is the highest art”

Big Data is Hungry!

Big Data is Hungry!

When I worked in tech, I had access to the purchase history of over 100 million people because I worked in online banking. There are and were hardly any regulations with respect to this data, not like HIPPA. I could see how many dildos you bought and how much you gamble. I never really looked because I’m not an asshole (mostly!), but I could have easily.

You need never feel alone, someone is always watching you!

I also developed a way of predicting companies’ stated quarterly revenue by analyzing the data. I’m not really a gambler, but in my opinion, the stock market is mostly rigged. Not that you didn’t know that, but the people with the data know everything. You know when you use your “club card” at the grocery store. They’re measuring you.

And typically the lab rats don’t measure the scientists.

Hello it’s me

I suspect that people think I’m slightly off and a little dogmatic. Honestly, I’ve just adapted to a hard life, and I got really scared by death and suicidality, so I have my ways of just dealing with the shitty situations in my life. They can be extreme, but my situation has been extreme. I really just want to connect with people but I’ve been plagued by disease and malapropism. I’ve been rejected and sick my whole life. I’ve always felt like an extreme outsider and it has been reaffirmed by my life. I don’t want to cry over every oppressed identity; I just want to explain to my friends why I can be odd. Being me has been hard at times, but I’ve found a life for myself. I’m happy now. I have peace. 

Being roundly rejected for something over which you have no control is very challenging. But then again God or whatever runs this show thinks we might be just the people who can handle it. I don’t know. I’m just trying to connect.

This is the new Earth

This is the new Earth
We don’t live in the same world that was 1985. The Internet has transported us to another dimension. As individuals we now socialize primarily with society as a whole. In 1985 so much more of our socialization was local, in person. There has been a great dissolving of the old Saturnian order by the electronic Uranian power of the Internet. Where you once had to pick your friends from a very small pool of the people in your local geographic vicinity, now you pick from that same small pool plus everyone else in a virtual representation on a device in your hand.
The Virtual Global World is invading, not the Mexicans! This is most definitely a new Earth. The average human born this minute will have a socialization that is completely global. That is a completely novel situation. We are now one mind. We have to come to terms with this. And this is why people are freaking out. It’s not that the changes going on are so bizarre, it’s just that there is this alien quality to our existence as the Internet slowly dissolves and erodes the old social order. It is happening. It has been predicted as the Age of Aquarius or whatever new age eschatological mumbo jumbo you can posit. We’re in it.
Let’s get to work figuring out how it works, so we can thrive as a global humanity.